Welcome To Restoration Room Counselling

Individual Counselling

Dealing with anxiety or depression? Need help overcoming adult or childhood trauma? Want to have better relationships but don't know how? Our therapists will help you make changes that will last.

Couple Counselling

Constantly fighting with your partner? Recovering from infidelity? Our couples counselors specialize in helping you heal and strengthen your connection with the person you care about most.

Family Therapy

Family therapy provides space for each family member to explore the difficult interactional patterns that prevent the family from thriving. We will help you change those patterns and build stronger bonds within your family.

Christian Counselling

Our theology and conviction make us to view life in certain way. At Restoration Room, we offer faith-based counselling where we incorporate spiritual principles into mental health treatment.

Restoring hope for a brighter future!

Our commitment

Our commitment is to help families, couples and individuals navigate troubled waters of life!