I have been in Canada for almost 20 years and though I have heard people talk about Muskoka, I have never availed myself of the opportunity to visit. This summer, I decided I was going to experience this cottage country and with two of my friends we planned a ladies vacay. The intent was to stay local and within a reasonable budget. Yes, you can explore local sceneries and learn about your city, province or country and also have a restful time without flying. Suffice to say we had a blast! From taking walks in the downtown of this quaint city to enjoying a 3 hour boat cruise, meeting other tourists and making new friends.

Moral of this story is this:

  1. Don’t wait to enjoy life. Time waits for no one. A time left unspent is in your rear view mirror never to be reclaimed. Maximize every opportunity to engage in self care and network with friends or people of like minds.
  2. Don’t wait till you have so much money in your bank account before giving yourself a treat. You work hard enough so slide in some adventure to break your normal routine. Your future self will thank you, trust me!
  3. Love yourself. Doing things or engaging in activities on your own or with friends does not mean that you love your family less. It simply means that you are filling your self care tank in order to have something to give to others in your life.
  4. Be a good example. When you take the extra effort to care for yourself, you are being a role model to those in your sphere of influence. They also will learn that the essence of life is not limited to just work, eat, sleep, but also adventures and colourful memories.
  5.  Positive Mental Health. Taking time off your normal routine gives you an opportunity to sleep in, engage in activities that promote relaxation and general well-being. New learnings from your adventures will also keep your brain active.

Finally, there is more to life than staying stuck in routines. Take a break. Smell the roses!

Written by Felicia Onwuemele, Restoration Room Counselling
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