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Couple Counselling

Relationship has a live of its own and sometimes it takes a wrong turn. Using a team approach,
we will work with you and your partner to explore the source of your disconnection and distress
without fear or judgement and establish relationship goals that will enhance the quality of your
connections. However, your commitment to the process and willingness to be open will foster
the desired change.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a personal one on one interaction that allows us to work with you in an
environment of mutual respect to ensure your mental and psychological well-being. Whether you
are going through mental stress, anxiety or depression due to strained relationships at work or
home, verbal or physical abuse, trauma, addiction, sexual concerns, parenting or grief
and loss, talking to a counselor can make a positive impact.

Family Counselling

Family is the bedrock of a thriving community. However, it is also possible for a family to
experience distress due to normal life transitions such as birth, illness, death, adolescence,
adulthood, remarriage, separation, divorce, migration. Movement from one stage of family
life/transition entail careful negotiation. Let us journey with you to bring clarity!

Christian Counselling

Our theology and conviction make us to view life in certain way. At Restoration Room, we offer
faith-based counselling where we incorporate spiritual principles into mental health treatment.

Special Needs

Families with special need experiences a unique set of challenges. When these challenges are not
properly managed, they often lead to blame game and misunderstanding especially between
parents. Families with special needs have a special place in my heart! Let’s figure it our together.

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety is a natural emotional response to life’s stressful situations. However, a badly managed
stress can filter into domains of daily living causing excessive disruption and distress. When
properly managed, stress can be a source of motivation that challenges us to do more.

Grief & Loss

Grief is a natural response to loss and while loss is part of human existence, it is still a painful period in the life of a family. You may experience sadness, shock, anger, guilt or disbelief. We will journey with you to process your loss in a healthy way and learn to heal.

Pre-Marital and Marriage Counselling

All marriages go through a rough patch at some point. For a marriage to stand the test of times, it must be built on a solid foundation. In order to maintain a healthy equilibrium, couples must learn the needed skills to navigate those tests. At Restoration Room, we will walk you through the steps to prepare you for an enriching couple relationship. We will teach you skills for conflict resolution, effective communication and how to meet the needs of one another.

Women Issue

There are issues specific to women’s health that can equally impact your well-being. We will assist you to recognize and manage your specific issue and conduct appropriate referrals as needed

Life Transition

If there is one thing in life that is constant, it is change. Transition is a movement, development or evolution from one stage to another. It may be planned or unplanned and the impact may either be positive or negative. Changes such as childbirth, marriage, migration, parenting and adolescence can have impacts on the family. We will engage with you to understand your experiences and transitional issues in a respectful and compassionate manner.

Symptoms of Anxiety

includes uncontrollable feelings of worry or panic, increased Irritable feelings, difficulty falling asleep and other insomnia issues, feeling restless, nervous, or tense, increased heart rate or palpitations, loss of concentration, and other attention difficulties,
headaches and dizziness. Good news is that Anxiety and stress can be treated!

When anxiety & stress begins to affect your overall functioning, talk to us at Restoration Room

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